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It's my birthday!!

Can you believe it's been a year since The Agenda. came on the scene?!

Neither can we!

Over The Agenda.'s Birthday month, we wanted to take a look back and celebrate all that we have achieved! We couldn’t have done it without you!

We started this project with little more than a wing and a prayer! Alyx and Sunny thought it would be a great idea to make a planner that showed women in business how to sync their business tasks with their monthly cycle… but would it resonate with anyone else? Before we went too far down the rabbit hole we knew we needed to test the theory with some other women in business. 

In mid May we sent out a call for The Agenda. Beta Testers! By the first week of June we had over 50 women respond to the call, go through the steps, and receive their test calendars (a beautiful collection of google sheets!  😆 We were floored with the level or response and how quick people signed up for the beta test. 

We knew we had struck a nerve! This group of amazing women worked with the material, gave us feedback, and completed surveys. This led to early insights and was invaluable to shaping the product you've purchased from the website! Shout-out to all of our early believers, you truly helped us make The Agenda. Period  something special!!  🤩

This month, to celebrate our birthday we are offering 25% off The Agenda. Hardcover or PDF!

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