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January New Moon Renewal

Hello lovely!

It’s the end of January, the new moon is tonight, and half your resolutions are scattered to the wind in bouts of frustration at all the things on your to-do list.

No? Just me?

Wherever you are in your new year, it’s important to remember no matter your goals, your values should stay centered in your life and the priorities you have. Maybe going to the big gym in the afternoons isn’t sustainable because you value your time and don’t want to be stuck in traffic; or you want to spend more time reading for fun, but you don’t know how to prioritize your value of learning.

If you are willing to tune in, and use this next twenty minutes for rest, and getting curious; we can discover new things about ourselves that give us a bit of grace and boldness to make choices that align with our souls in our everyday lives.

How does this work?

Through a New Moon Renewal. Think of this as your own personal retreat to pause and reflect. An average woman’s cycle is 28 days, just like the average moon cycle. Historically new moons have been linked to a woman’s period. Whether or not your period lands on the new moon, doesn’t matter for these renewals. This is for the new moon each month, where you need a little light or a slight pause. To bathe in the stillness, and remember who you are. You can do the renewal below whether or not you are bleeding, and regardless of your beliefs.

First, set the mood: During this time of rest, what is your intention? Time alone? Time to check in with yourself? Learn something new? Turn your phone on silent, or on vibrate. If you can, leave it in another room entirely. Light incense or a favorite candle. Wear clothes that make you feel at home in your body. Set aside 20 minutes to focus on your personal retreat. Find a journal, some markers or crayons, and a favorite pen! Maybe it’s a sparkle gel pen like you had in 7th grade because why not? Let’s live our best lives.

Centering: Take a couple of minutes to sit in quiet. Quiet spa music can also help set the tone. Check-in with yourself. How does your body feel? Try to breathe from your stomach instead of your chest. By placing your hands on your pelvic space it is easier to know when you are breathing deeply, as your hands will move with your breath. Any thoughts that come into your mind, acknowledge them and let them pass. Refocusing on your breath.

When you feel centered in your body you can read on:

Question to mull: Take a few minutes to think about what the words value and values mean to you. How are they different? How are they similar?

Journal: Being honest: What are your top 5 values right now. After listing them, write down next to them where or from whom you learned these values.

What do you want your values to be?Do you want your values to shift from here? Why or why not?Has where you found your value shifted over the years or stayed the same?Where do you find your value? From work, things you do? Is it inherent?

Creative Endeavor: You are going to explore your energetic space. Set a timer for 5-10 minutes after you read through this whole creative endeavor portion, and then close your eyes and let your imagination discover the space you create.

Meditation Inspiration: Hold your arms out like you are hugging a giant pumpkin. Imagine you are an island. On this island, is your values. Your value, is also stored safely on the island.

Curious questions to ask yourself as your eyes are closed to explore your space you create: What do my values look like on the island? How are they represented? Who is here with me on the island, if anyone? Where or how is my value stored? Is it the island itself? Or something different? How is my island protected? Is there anyone or anything trying to permeate my boundaries? What is on my island? What does it look like? What is most important on this island? How do I feel on my island?

Art it out: You can journal the curious questions above. If you’d like, take markers and crayons to sketch out, or paint your island! If you are unsure about putting pen to paper you could create a mood board of your island from images on Pinterest. You can also create a playlist on Spotify that embodies how you feel on your island. There are many ways to explore this energetic space and bring it to life in the world around you.

Closing: Pay attention to who is deciding your value this month, and how that impacts how you move and the choices you make. It is okay to take a step back and check-in with how you feel with your value and values, and adjust course.

Each month we’ll release a New Moon Renewal for you to discover something new about yourself, learn about your cycle, and take a moment to pause, breathe, and reflect. To being laced with grace, and radiant in moonlight, Aj

Aj Smit is the owner of In Joy Productions, and sparks joy and imagination through art, entertainment, and events. She has helped women flourish through red tents, retreats, and soul art workshops online, locally and internationally for the past four years. Her goal is to change the traditions and stories we pass down by creating brave spaces for women to grow together. Always learning how to love like Jesus and live with radiant joy, she lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband Jeremy, two pups, and a bucketful of glitter (Just in case of emergencies). You can find Aj at or Mermaid Harmony and In Joy Productions on Facebook and Instagram


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