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Staying Connected During Covid-19

Here at The Agenda. we are stepping into greater community and greater connection during the Coronavirus Quarantine.  We have noticed a strong need for love, support and fun during this trying time.  So we have decided to get together for virtual FUN, cycle check-ins, cycle coaching, connection, & community. 

To accomplish this goal, we have been holding daily meetups in the Cycle (Re) Introduction group!  We'd love to see you there!

Our clients have told us that what they really want right now is to feel grounded during these hard times.  There is so much that is going on right now that can seem scary and loud. We sometimes forget that feelings are not indicative of fact, and they ebb and flow with our cycles. 

We thought, what better time to get in touch with how we are feeling during each phase of our cycles and how that is playing out in these currently challenging times.  We want to help you better understand these emotions so that you can feel peaceful and grounded!

We are offering this now in our FREE Deep dive sessions!

This grounding session helps you understand the 4 phases of your cycle.  We provide handouts and other resources to help you to be SUPER clear about how you feel in each phase and what tasks may be best for you!  And these tips are customized just for you.

We are so excited to continue to connect with you to help you JUMP RIGHT IN!

You can get this FREE session for a limited time with the purchase of The Agenda. or The Agenda. PDF.


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