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The Agenda PDF

Want to make sure you get one of the limited FIRST editions of The Agenda?  Here's a full PDF Version!


This one-of-a-kind tool is a business and life changer!

*Gain insight into your energy levels, motivational levels, and how they impact your business

*Learn how to take care of yourself when you are working out of your energetic alignment

*Learn how to sync your business tasks with your cycle (Menstrual OR Moon)


Here's what you get when you buy an Agenda.


    • Breaks down 4 phases of Menstrual Cycle
    • Breaks down business tasks by phase
    • Self Care tasks by phase
    • Monthly & Quarterly Goal Setting
    • Monthly & Quarterly Review
    • Replaces Period Tracker App
    • Replaces Planner
    • Beautifully Designed
    • Take it with you anywhere


We are so excited for you to see how your life transforms over this 6 cycle deep dive!