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Throughout the process of becoming Health Coaches, we started to learn about our bodies, and natural rhythms. Alyx started to notice that when different business building activities would end up in a specific week of her cycle they would go better. It was like a happy accident. For example, goal setting seemed easier during the reflective energy of the later part of her cycle. This got her thinking... "What if I did this on purpose?  What if I linked up my business building activities with my menstrual cycle intentionally?" 

The idea continued to develop and one day when Alyx was meditating, the idea for an agenda that showed steps popped into her head. She thought that this product must already exist. But when she went to go buy the product she couldn't find it anywhere. So she took that as an invitation to make it herself. 

Shortly after, knowing Sunny's extensive knowledge and expertise working with women, fertility, and hormones, she reached out.  Sunny was 100% on board, and it was a perfect fit!

This is where The Agenda. was born.

The Agenda. is a tool that helps women sync their business building activities with the different phases of the menstrual cycle for optimal productivity, ease, and joy. Working with our bodies instead of against them just makes sense! 

It also calls us to question the way we are used to doing business and is thus sparking a movement for to empower women to use the tools they already have...  their cycle!

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