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by The Agenda. Team January 29, 2021

Cycle Syncing for your Business: 4 Phases Overview

You can use cycle syncing for your business, work, & life! How familiar are you with your cycle? Most people that hear “menstrual cycle,” only think about the bleed. But the...

by The Agenda. Team January 29, 2021

She’s The Owner Podcast

Alyx speaks on her first podcast since having twins! Join Alyx and Cara McCarron as they speak about: 😧 Feeling like a failure ⌚️ Business tools created for “default” bodies (AKA....

by The Agenda. Team January 14, 2021

What does curiosity mean to you?

Welcome back to your New Moon Renewal with The Agenda.Period! With the New Year, everyone has lists written of things they want to explore or grow in this year, so our theme is curiosity! First,...