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The Agenda by The Agenda January 18, 2020

Download the Moon Calendar today!

**ATTENTION Ladies using the moon cycle** Guess what?! Every month we are releasing a pre-made moon calendar! We designed this calendar so that you can plug it into your Agenda. and hit the...

The Agenda by The Agenda January 14, 2020

Big News! Interview with Author Elissa Stein!

Women spend on average 8 years of their lives on their period. That’s a long time. We also spend all of our reproductive years somewhere in our monthly cycle, and yet it’s something we avoid...

The Agenda by The Agenda July 19, 2019

Join the Movement!

We are so excited to be kicking off our Kickstarter! Be one of the first go get a copy of The Agenda.! The Agenda will help you: * Optimize your business building tasks * Educate you...

The Agenda by The Agenda June 8, 2019

Podcast Spotlight

The Agenda. Was featured on the Yogacises podcast! Watch it here! We are extending sign up in the FREE beta group for 2 more days! Link to sign up is in the comments below!

The Agenda by The Agenda June 8, 2019

Natural Cycles

A goal we have at The Agenda. is to not only bring a great tool to you through our product, but to bring awareness to other awesome tools in the period empowerment space. A question that comes...