by The Agenda. Blog October 19, 2023

From Fertility to Menopause: Identifying the Signs of Perimenopause

From irregular menstrual cycles and hot flashes to mood swings and sleep disturbances, we’ll discuss these signs and hopefully empower you to seek appropriate medical guidance and make informed...

by The Agenda. Blog September 6, 2023

The Wild Ride of Perimenopause: How it Shakes Up Your Cycle

Perimenopause is often dubbed as “the change before the change” and can throw your menstrual cycle for a loop.

by The Agenda. Blog May 26, 2023

The Connection Between Hormones and Menstruation

Have you ever wondered why you feel extra frustrated or antsy the week before your period? Or why randomly you’ll feel a burst of energy in the middle of your cycle? It’s because of...

by The Agenda. Blog May 19, 2023

How to Rest During Your Period

Rest can feel like a loaded word. Perhaps you didn’t get enough sleep, can’t sleep, or feel like there’s no time to slow down. So when your period comes and hits you like a Mac...