by The Agenda. Team September 22, 2023

How to Stay Active and Comfortable During Menstruation

Having your period doesn’t mean you have to put your active lifestyle on hold. In fact, engaging in regular physical activity during menstruation can bring a range of benefits to both your...

by The Agenda. Team September 14, 2023

What is PCOS?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition that affects women’s hormones.  It affects 8-13% of women of reproductive age worldwide and up to 70% of women go undiagnosed.

by The Agenda. Blog August 30, 2023

Yoga for Your Follicular phase

Sometimes I feel like a troll during menstruation; grouchy, bossy, and generally dangerous to humans. It’s a time for cocooning, turning inward, and resting. Luckily after the darkness comes a...

by The Agenda. Blog May 19, 2023

How to Rest During Your Period

Rest can feel like a loaded word. Perhaps you didn’t get enough sleep, can’t sleep, or feel like there’s no time to slow down. So when your period comes and hits you like a Mac...

by The Agenda. Blog April 13, 2023

How to Connect with Your Body 

At The Agenda. We often hear from people frustrated with their bodies and menstrual cycle, almost like they are at war with their bodies. By tracking and being aware of your cycle, you can create...

by The Agenda. Blog December 25, 2022

New Year Renewal: Soul Aligned Goals & Your Cycle

Welcome back to your New Moon Renewal with The Agenda. Period! This month’s theme is Soul Aligned Goals, with a special meditation to enjoy. Winter is a time of reflection, settling...

by The Agenda. Blog December 17, 2022

Cycle Check-In: Uplevel Your Cycle with 5 Minutes a Day

As people, we check in with our feelings, friends, kids, and jobs. So why don’t we check in with our cycles? Doing a 5-minute check-in with your cycle once a day may seem small, but it can...

by The Agenda. Blog December 11, 2022

Living in the Flow of Your Menstrual Phase

Wondering what your menstrual phase feels like? This phase is also known as shark week, Aunt Flo, and the bleeds. Your period can be a few days or a week or more, and trying to act like nothing is...

by The Agenda. Blog December 4, 2022

Your Luteal Phase: Living in the Flow of your Cycle

Wondering what your Luteal phase feels like? This is the phase right before your period, and if you don’t understand your phases it can knock you on your back when your emotions are high. At...

by The Agenda. Blog November 15, 2022

Follicular Stage: Living in the Flow of Your Cycle

At The Agenda, when we first put together the planner, we realized the power syncing your cycle with your business could have. People don’t often realize that you can also sync your life to...