by The Agenda. Blog November 5, 2022

How To Ground Yourself During the Menstrual Phases

How To Ground Yourself During the Menstrual Phases. For most who experience menstruation, mood changes are an initial indication that the cycle has begun. Mood regulation can be more difficult...

by The Agenda. Blog October 29, 2022

How to Make a Period Bag

Have you ever heard of a go bag? Or a car bag? Perhaps you have a scarf, spare shoes, and blanket in the car next to your First Aid kit. Well, you can make a period bag. A period bag can be a...

by The Agenda. Blog October 21, 2022

What is a Period Subscription Box?

A period subscription box is a neat option when you want to indulge in something special when you are bleeding. Period boxes can be as simple as a box of tampons and pads shipped to your door to...

by The Agenda. Blog October 15, 2022

Reminders For When You Feel the Period Overwhelm

Do you feel period overwhelm when you bleed? Do you feel like your life force is draining out of you? You aren’t alone, so don’t beat yourself up. Here are some reminders when you are...

by The Agenda. Blog September 10, 2022

Coming Of Age: How To Prepare For Your Daughter’s First Period

As you prepare for your daughter’s first period you may wonder what you need. My daughter Ellah is 10, and has not started cycling. It may be another couple of years for all I know, as...

by The Agenda. Blog September 3, 2022

10 Ways to Ease Period Cramps

Wonder how you can ease period cramps? Here are 10 ways to do so from drinking tea, hydrating, to getting a massage.

by The Agenda June 16, 2022

Why Feeling your Emotions is Important.

Do you ever feel like your drowning? Tossing back and forth in the waves of your menstrual cycle? Frustrated even by the idea of feeling your emotions? Riding the high waves when you ovulate can...

by The Agenda March 30, 2022

How to Process Anger

Welcome back to your New Moon Renewal with The Agenda. Think of this as your personal retreat to pause and center in, and see how you are really doing. An average woman’s hormonal cycle is 28...

by The Agenda. Team March 21, 2022

Spring Equinox Ritual

Welcome back to your New Moon Renewal with The Agenda.Period for the Spring Equinox! Spring is a time of buds coming up and blooming on trees, and new greenery all around us. Our theme this...

by The Agenda August 11, 2021

How to Create Your Values.

Do you ever wonder how to create your values? It’s been a big year already even though we are only halfway through and you may find yourself with half your resolutions scattered to the wind...