by The Agenda. Blog October 15, 2022

Reminders For When You Feel the Period Overwhelm

Do you feel period overwhelm when you bleed? Do you feel like your life force is draining out of you? You aren’t alone, so don’t beat yourself up. Here are some reminders when you are...

by The Agenda. Blog October 8, 2022

Can Stress Make Your Period Late?

Are you wondering why your period isn’t on time? Wondering if stress can make your period late? Here’s why it happens and what you can do about it. 

by The Agenda. Blog October 1, 2022

5 Period Books We Love

At The Agenda. we love period books! Books are a great way to learn new information on going with ‘the flow’ of our lives and cycles. Here are some of our favorites!

by The Agenda. Blog September 24, 2022

How to Use a Menstrual Cup.

Have you always wanted to try a menstrual cup? Here are four tips to buying your first period cup. We cover cleaning, sizes, and swimming!

by The Agenda. Blog September 21, 2022

What is Period Underwear?

One thing we get asked often about is period underwear here at The Agenda. One member of our team Aj has agreed to review and share her experience with period underwear. When I was growing up,...

by The Agenda. Blog September 10, 2022

Coming Of Age: How To Prepare For Your Daughter’s First Period

As you prepare for your daughter’s first period you may wonder what you need. My daughter Ellah is 10, and has not started cycling. It may be another couple of years for all I know, as...

by The Agenda. Blog September 3, 2022

10 Ways to Ease Period Cramps

Wonder how you can ease period cramps? Here are 10 ways to do so from drinking tea, hydrating, to getting a massage.

by The Agenda. Blog August 22, 2022

Yoga for your Menstrual phase

Are you feeling tired and exhausted? Here are three easy yoga poses you can use during your menstrual phase.

by The Agenda. Blog August 11, 2022

Please vote for our SXSW panel!

We at the agenda. are excited to share we are submitting a South by Southwest (SXSW) Panel this year. SXSW celebrates the convergence of tech, film, music, education, and culture. There are dance...

by The Agenda. Blog August 9, 2022

Wefunding Campaign Coming Soon!

Here at the agenda. we work hard to ensure you have tools in your pocket and life to make decisions that feel good for you and your period. Whether that was with our first paper planner, the app,...