by Anna Sneed October 5, 2023

Why Does My Period Suck?

Are you tired of feeling like your period is a nightmare? Do you wish you could breeze through it like some of your friends? Well, your Period Besties have your back! By learning...

by The Agenda. Blog April 20, 2023

The Environmental Impact of Menstrual Products

Let’s talk about something we all share here: periods. It’s the cycle we keep repeating every month! However, we rarely talk about the environmental impact of our menstrual products....

by The Agenda. Blog September 24, 2022

How to Use a Menstrual Cup.

Have you always wanted to try a menstrual cup? Here are four tips to buying your first period cup. We cover cleaning, sizes, and swimming!

by The Agenda. Blog September 21, 2022

What is Period Underwear?

One thing we get asked often about is period underwear here at The Agenda. One member of our team Aj has agreed to review and share her experience with period underwear. When I was growing up,...

by Team Agenda May 5, 2022

Period Products we love!

We love to highlight companies, projects, and period products that are in line with our mission to empower women and menstruators! See some of our favorites highlighted below! If you know of any...