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Big News! Interview with Author Elissa Stein!

Women spend on average 8 years of their lives on their period. That’s a long time.

We also spend all of our reproductive years somewhere in our monthly cycle, and yet it’s something we avoid talking about – and rarely use to our advantage!

What's this mean? Read on…

Hi, I’m Alyx. When I was starting my business in 2018, I felt all over the place. Sometimes I felt on top of the world and unstoppable in my business, and the next week it felt like the worst choice I had ever made. Some days, I felt exhausted and wanted to give up.

There were peaks and valleys, but I kept going through this cycle (no pun intended) as I grew my business…and couldn’t understand why.

My mentor suggested that I track my sales to help me think more calmly about my business progress, and when I did that, I discovered something interesting. I was having more engaging conversations and higher sales when I was ovulating! I was intrigued.

And, it wasn’t just me who noticed this phenomenon. The U.S. Women’s National Soccer team recently won its fourth World Cup. They not only tracked their diets, but their cycles! It can help women know when they’ll have the most energy, what week they should strive for more downtime and when they should plan their hardest workouts!

When we hear the phrase “monthly or menstrual cycle”, we often think exclusively of our periods, which completely ignores the other three phases that we go through.

Did you know women have FOUR phases of their menstrual cycle?

It’s pretty amazing.

I had learned about the four phases of the cycle years earlier and had some base level of understanding that my body displayed different types of energy in each phase, but I never thought to use it for building my business. This opened the flood gates (pun not intended, again) to questions and hypothesizes that I needed answers to.

Once that first data point emerged, I got so curious about what else might be possible if I shifted my schedule and tasks to more closely following my natural energy. I wanted a tool that showed me how to intentionally plan and get organized in this way. I needed a program to increase productivity, sales, and overall happiness in my career by syncing it up with MY cycle. When I didn’t find it on the market, I decided to make it.

The Agenda. Period was born! The Agenda. Period is a way to orient ourselves and the way we schedule tasks from our lives and businesses with the cycle instead of against the cycle. When work with our bodies (and biology), our impact and productivity increase! It also calls us to question the way we are used to doing business and is thus sparking a movement for women to do business differently through body connection and empowerment. When we learn to honor our cycle and hormonal changes that we not only feel better, we DO better.

We have created a planner and framework that helps teach the four phases of the cycle (menstruation, follicular, ovulation, and luteal) and then go on to show what tasks (content creation, sales calls, marketing, accounting) go easily with those phases. As an office of 1, it is important to maximize your time, so you are not burnt out. This framework creates a simple way to do just that!

Ready to try it for yourself?



Elissa Stein author of FLOW is going to be joining us over in the Cycle (Re) Introduction group to have a fantastic chat about all things menstruation related. If you haven't joined the group yet make sure you do! Can't wait to see you all there!